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Jumping into the dating game can be fun as well as a bit stressful. You may find your partner through the old meeting-through-mutual-friends way or try out online dating apps. There are a plethora of dating websites out there. Before you pick a dating website, be sure to learn about how LGBTQ dating sites work and understand the safety features to seek out on gay dating sites. This is because dating involves going out of your comfort zone, especially when it comes to online dating. Therefore, it is always good to have some safety measures in place.

Here are a few things you can do to ensure your safety when you dive into online dating.

  • Don’t share personal details The guy on the other side doesn’t have to know your mother’s maiden name, where you were born, or the name of your first school. And they certainly don’t have to know your bank account details or your social security details. This information can be used by scammers to impersonate you or hack into your bank account. If someone is asking for this info on an online dating app, don’t hesitate to unmatch or even him.

  • Hold on to your phone number It is quite common to switch over to texting from a dating platform once a conversation has begun. However, hold on to your phone number for a while when you have just matched with a new guy and have begun chatting. Your phone number is also a crucial bit of information that can be used for malicious intent.

  • Avoid posting personal identification info Want to put up a photo of you with your new car or apartment in the background? It’s better to avoid this on an online dating platform. Your car’s license plate, apartment number, and street signs that may be visible on your photo will reveal a lot more than you think. If you still want to upload such a photo, it will be safer to blur out the license plate or apartment number.

  • Don’t give out specifics Talking about your job title or the name of your workplace or even the neighborhood you live may seem like typical small talk for a dating website. However, revealing this information is not necessary when you are just looking for a date. Be creative and find something else to talk about. If questions about your workplace do come up, better to avoid giving specifics.

  • Google that match Do a simple or even an advanced Google check on a potential date. You wouldn’t want to go out with someone who has a record, even though they might look like a dreamboat. Staying on the side of caution is always a good safety measure. Check out their social media profiles as well.

  • Talk to them on call Before you decide to meet a guy, move over from texting to calling. Video calling is even a better option than voice calling. It is easier to judge whether someone is genuine or if something is with a voice call or a video call. It’s a red flag if the guy refuses to talk on call.

  • Always meet in public places For the first few dates, always insist on meeting in public places like a café, coffee shop, restaurant, or a museum. Pick a place with lots of people and a lot of lights around. Go somewhere you both are familiar with and avoid dark and secluded spots.

  • Use the buddy system A buddy system is where you tell a close trusted friend that you are going out on a date. Share with your friend the time and place of your date. Ask them to check in on you at regular intervals. Have a codeword to let them know in case of trouble. Whether your date was good or bad, make sure to let your friend know that you are on your way home.

Online dating doesn’t have to be scary. There’s always the possibility of the new guy being the man of your dreams and all this planning will be totally unwarranted. But it’s always good to be prepared. Since we are talking about safety in online dating, here are the top 3 paid online dating platforms for LGBT singles that have safety measures in place for their members.

Popular LGBT dating websites

  • Zoosk One of the most well-known online dating portals for the LGBTQIA community, Zoosk has more than 400 million registered members. It offers a lot of flexibility as members can create a second account without paying anything extra. This feature is useful to those who identify as bisexual and would like to create two accounts to find matches from either gender. The sign-up process of Zoosk is pretty easy. To register, a member can use an email address or social media account such as their Facebook account. Once the account is set up, a new member will have to answer some basic questions on gender, partner preference, region, and birthday.

Furthermore, new members can further refine their profile by adding photographs and a bio with details about what their ideal partner would be like. When it comes to user safety, Zoosk has partnered with Sift Science and other organizations that gather, process and analyze data for identifying and preventing incidences of fraud. In cases of abuse or scamming, Zoosk lets its users block or report any individuals involved in malicious acts.

  • is one of the largest dating sites with a huge user base in the age range of 35 to 50 years from more than 24 countries. It is an open dating service that offers unlimited connections to find a potential partner.’s algorithm utilizes specific parameters for analyzing behavioral patterns of members to find the best compatible matches. The dating website offers an additional 6 months subscription for free if a member does not find a date in the first 6 months of their membership. To ensure safety for its users, has a comprehensive blog section on online dating do’s and don’ts. Also, there are video tutorials and tips on how to stay safe, spot suspicious behavior, and protect finances while dating online. There are also helpful tips on in-person meeting safety. Additionally, another safety feature used by is Match Phone. With this feature, users can make calls and speak to their matches without revealing each other’s phone numbers. follows NCSA standards of “STOP. THINK. CONNECT.” which works toward better cybersecurity.

  • EliteSingles A premier online dating website, EliteSingles is for those looking for a serious relationship. While building their profile, members of this dating website have to answer questions not only about their physical looks but also their personality traits and what they are like as a person. Also, the profile setup questionnaire asks a variety of questions, including whether a member considers themselves as warm, conservative, positive, or honest. EliteSingles also requires members to answer questions regarding what they are looking for in their potential mate. When it comes to user safety, EliteSingles uses an online verification process to check the authenticity of profiles and photos. Also, the platform employs a safety feature to prevent the download or copying of photos from the site and makes it hassle-free to report abuse and delete matches that are inappropriate.

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